October 25 2018
13.00h - 18.00h
Marconistraat 16,
Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship
Get inspired by our speakers who will discuss e-commerce industry insights, trends, and tips for wholesale businesses.
Knowledge sessions
Get actionable advice and learn more about specific challenges in wholesale e-commerce.
Network drinks
Get to know other B2B e-commerce experts and wholesalers and enjoy the open bar and appetizers.

Groothandel E-commerce Event speakers

About the event

To remain competitive, even relevant, you must adapt to the way buyers want do business with you. This means adopting new technologies that help solve existing challenges while providing buyers with a superior customer journey.

Join a panel of experts as we explore the technologies and strategies needed to successfully execute your B2B e-commerce efforts. Learn best practices on how it impacts sales, streamlines operations and benefits your entire organization.

We guarantee you’ll come away with information needed to make important business decisions at the Groothandel E-commerce Event. Will you be there?

Groothandel E-commerce Event is a free of charge event in the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship in the Rotterdam Science Tower.

The main language during the event will be Dutch. Check the programma to see which presentations will be in English.

Groothandel E-commerce Event agenda

Plenary programme
13.00h – 14.30h & 16.30h – 18.00h

The Groothandel E-commerce Event starts plenary. After the knowledge sessions the programme will continue also plenary and end with having drinks all together.

12.30 – 13.00h | Walk-in

13.00h – 13.15h | Opening

13.15h – 13.45h | Michel Willems (H1 Webdevelopment)
“How to double your B2B e-commerce revenue”

13.45h – 14.15h | Angela Spears (Animal Supply Company)
“Key insights into leading Animal Supply’s digital transformation” (ENG)

14.15h – 14.30h | Short break

14.30h – 16.30h | Knowledge sessions

16.30h – 17.00h | Roeland Donker (Amazon)
How to build your business on Amazon

17.00h – 18.00h | Drinks

Knowledge sessions
14.30h – 16.30h

During the Groothandel E-commerce Event there will be three rounds of knowledge sessions. Within every round you can participate in one knowledge session of your choice.

14.30h – 15.00h | Round 1
1. Matthias Henrichs (Oro Inc.)
“The road to the perfect B2B buying experience” (ENG)
2. Chi Shing Chang (SPARQUE)
“A better customer experience and higher revenue with good cross-sell suggestions”
3. Bas Leeuwerke (King)
“How to pick 20 orders in one time”

15.10h – 15.40h | Round 2
1. Dyon Metselaar (Leadscope)
“The data-driven customer journey in B2B”
2. Arian Oosthoek (E-Tail Genius)
“How do wholesalers experience the adoption of AI Technology? (case MegaGroup Trade)”
3. Hans Elshout (DSV Multi-channel Fulfilment)
“The multi-channel challenge”

15.50h – 16.20h | Round 3
1. Matthijs Verberkmoes (AsiaAssist)
“How to join the Chinese Game of Giants”
2. Arjan Rattink (RVS Marketing)
“Generate B2B leads with knowledge and personal attention”
3. Ronald Metselaar (PostNL)
“Growing pains? Choose the right amount of logistic multi vitamins”



Frequently asked questions

You can sign up for the event via form at the top of this page. We only need your name, email address, phone number, and company name to register.

The Groothandel E-commerce Event takes place at the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship in the Rotterdam Sciene Tower. You can find it at Marconistraat 16 in Rotterdam. It is just a five minute walk from metrostation Marconiplein. If you’re coming by car, you can park your car at the parking-lot next to the building.

The Groothandel E-commerce Event is free of charge for entrepreneurs and collaborators of wholesalers, brands, producers, importers and distributors. Do you work at a recruitment agency, software supplier, digital agency or another similair organisation and you want to attend the event? That’s possible for a fee of €695. Do you want to contribute to the event in another way? Contact us via hallo@groothandelevent.nl.

If you want to take someone with you to the event, that is no problem at all. But please remember that the person needs to sign up via the form as well.

  • DATE

    October 25 2018

    ECE Rotterdam
  • TIME

    13.00h - 18.00h